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An Alternative Life Choice

The life of Sister Mary Cordis, aka Margarita, as a contemplative nun is a witnessing to the possibility of alternative lifestyles other than the all too obvious choices presented as desirable by the world. Her choice of a life of … Continue reading

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The Pearl of Great Price

“Pearl” often reminds me of ‘Margarita’, the Spanish word for it. Margarita is also the name of one of the dearest persons in my life. I remember her fresh out of college and ready to face the world. Things were … Continue reading

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Being, Having, Doing

It was our date night yesterday and we watched the movie “Lucy”. The storyline is built around the fact that we use only about 10% of our brain’s capacity. What would happen if we were able to increase that to … Continue reading

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The Mustard Seed

The mustard seed – the smallest of seeds Yet when full grown, it is the largest of plants. The primeval particle – seemingly inconsequential Yet with the Big Bang, it gives birth to the entire cosmos. A humble maiden gives … Continue reading

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Finding a Hidden Treasure

We live in the Information Age, where information is the currency of business and the basis of economic value. It is amazing how information drives our lives today. Everyday, we see more and more applications of information in our lives. … Continue reading

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All Things Good and Wonderful

In the economy of salvation, everything that exists is good and nothing is ever wasted. On the human level, anything that blows up ends up destroyed or obliterated. On the Divine and cosmic level, when the first big bang happened … Continue reading

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Fragility of Life

Every parent has experienced it at one time or another: a mother spends her whole day cleaning up and fixing the house while the kids are in school and then sees her efforts thrown in total disarray after a few … Continue reading

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Love is the noblest act that people are capable of: caring for others above one’s self, sharing with them all that one has, serving others and doing them good. Love brings out the best in people. All happiness emanates from … Continue reading

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Creators, Not Consumers

A preacher goes out to preach and a teacher goes out to teach. A sower goes out to sow and a farmer goes out to plow. We are often defined by what we do and accomplish, by what we make … Continue reading

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In My Finitude Are The Seeds Of Infinitude

One of the greatest capability of man is his freedom to choose. In the face of the constant changes of life, I always have a choice. And yet, this great power is rooted in man’s basic deficiency – his finitude, … Continue reading

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