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Sacrifices and Offerings

It looked like an idyllic scene, calm and serene. But there were strong gusts of wind constantly sweeping over the landscape. A few seconds after this photo was taken, my precious Batanes pandan hat was blown away from my hand, … Continue reading

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Darkness, Conversion and the Evil One

We live in dark times. Darkness is all around us. It is even darker for those whose lives have been snuffed out just because they lived in slum areas; or they did not speak like we do; or they behaved … Continue reading

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Let the Children Teach Us Once More

I just love watching how children, specially at play, even though they might have just met each other for the first time. Spontaneously and very naturally, they soon become friends and are deep in play and in a fantasy world … Continue reading

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Possessed by Possessions

I read the news today, oh boy. The rich just got richer; and the poor are getting poorer. Today, the top 23 billionaires in the world control as much as wealth the bottom fifty percent of the world. Last year, … Continue reading

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Let Freedom and Justice Ring

Today is the feast of Martin Luther King. His message and work for freedom, justice and equality remain relevant to this day. It is unthinkable how any man could think of himself as the owner of another person, even in … Continue reading

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Listen to the Children

Today is the Feast of the Hold Child (Santo Niño) in the Philippines. And in many places all around the country, there will be mardi-gras-like festivals celebrating the Infant Jesus during the month of January — Ati-atihan in Aklan, Sinulog in … Continue reading

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The Seeds of the Ordinary

History is often written about and around great personages and great events. It would be interesting to re-read history from the perspective of the ‘small people’ in a story or event: – a great battle from the POV of a … Continue reading

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Transit Umbra,Lux Permanet.

It is so easy to fall into set ways and be comfortable with the routine and then complain about how boring life can be. Change is a challenge to move ahead and become better. Water that is not stirred becomes … Continue reading

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T.S. Eliot said it again for me so eloquently – “to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” I have been on the parenting journey before. And I enjoyed every moment of it. Grand-parenting is arriving where … Continue reading

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It’s Just Another Day

This week, after the great feast of Christmas, is the start of ordinary times. It is back to the regular grind, the humdrum of daily living. And today’s Gospel tells us how an ordinary life in the life of Jesus … Continue reading

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