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The Full Moon And The Fullness Of Time

This weekend saw the biggest super moon for 2017 and the beginning of Advent. This serendipitous convergence is kairos time. Life is unfolding and attaining it fullness in time. The other weekend, after Thanksgiving, was mostly chronos time. Thanksgiving, the … Continue reading

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Advent Is Kairos Time

There are two kinds of time:┬ákairos and chronos. Each day we count is counted in chronos time. We have used up twenty four hours and 1,440 minutes of our life are gone. It is past and done. It will never … Continue reading

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Freedom And Nature

I love nature. Its beauty is an endless source of inspiration and stimulation for me. Everything in nature is governed by the laws of nature. What goes up must come down. Everything breaks down or dies eventually. Every living thing … Continue reading

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In Love With Creation

Everything in the universe is in constant movement from the smallest quark to the biggest black hole. For some, the movements are random and chaotic like sub-atomic particles. For others, including myself, there is a certain beat, rhythm, almost a … Continue reading

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Life. Paradoxically Beautiful. And Eternal

  Life is so precious and beautiful we would want to keep and preserve it forever. But life as we know it eventually dissipates or disappears or simply dies. The paradoxical truth about life is that it is meant to … Continue reading

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Faith and Knowing

I do not need faith to know that there is a God. I simply have to look up to the heavens and see the beauty of the stars and the galaxy to know there is a Creator who made everything … Continue reading

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Saint Francis And The Wolves

Today is the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. There is a tendency today of reinterpreting the words of the Gospel into more acceptable and palatable manner, thereby diluting and even ‘sanitizing’ the original Gospel message. Here is one person … Continue reading

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