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Glimpsing At Eternity

When something man-made breaks down, that is usually the end of the useful life of that object, be it a piece of furniture, a toy, an electronic gadget, or a car. When something in nature (that is, God-made) breaks down … Continue reading

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More Poems from Fr. Abe


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Another (Lunar) New Year

Today, February 16, much of Asia will be celebrating the Lunar (Chinese) New Year. In a span of less than two months, we have celebrated three New Years: the Church’s Liturgical Calendar last December 3, the Julian Calendar, followed in … Continue reading

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A Daily Miracle

One of the deepest truth in my life is that fact that I am not a random event. I did not come into existence as a fortuitous confluence of atoms and molecules. I have been willed into existence deliberately and … Continue reading

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On Hiking

I have access to a fitness center where I can use a treadmill, a stationary bike, an elliptical machine. And for a while, I tried to exercise there on a regular basis. But I soon got bored. It was getting … Continue reading

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HOW And WHY Questions

People often confuse ‘HOW’ questions with ‘WHY’ questions. ‘HOW’ questions deal with process, procedures, methods, plans, strategies, descriptions. ‘WHY’ questions, on the other hand, imply intentionality, reason, cause, motive, purpose. The recent super blue blood moon had many people looking … Continue reading

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The Super Blueblood Moon.

Early this morning, many were agog over the once in a lifetime event of the super blue blood moon. Since time immemorial, men have looked up in the skies and have always been intrigues by two questions: Where did we … Continue reading

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