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Discipleship and Discipline

Life is the greatest gift I have received. Because I am alive, everything and anything is possible for me. If I have everything, what else can I ask for from the Lord except to be eternally grateful for the precious … Continue reading

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Total Surrender

In all my relationships, I have always kept a bit of myself just for myself. I have never given myself totally, always keeping my innermost being just for myself. But Christ demands total surrender of self from his disciples. There … Continue reading

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Something Small

Sometimes, all it takes is something small to make something big happen. A smile can lead to a lifetime together. A handshake can seal a deal. A reaching across can heal divisions. In his book “Small is Beautiful”, E.F. Schumacher … Continue reading

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Goodness and kindness are not the monopoly of Christians nor of believers. A sense of the sacred has been with man since he first stood awe-struck in wonderment at the presence of some ineffable mystery. I try to imbibe all … Continue reading

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The Cost of Discipleship

To hear the word of God and do it, to be Christ’s disciple is not easy. Often, God would often would test us in the area where we think we are the strongest. I have a priest friend whose special … Continue reading

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Lessons From My Father

This is my son and my grandson walking along the beach. The picture tells me of the very intimate connection between father and son. It is not just the genes and the physical traits. It is the emotions, the thoughts, … Continue reading

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Comfort Zones

It is so easy for one to become smug and withdraw into one’s comfort zone. One creates his comfort zone by going after what one believes to be “success”. In today’s materialistic world, success is often defined by what we … Continue reading

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