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The Wonder of the Universe

Everything in the universe is in constant movement from the smallest quark to the biggest black hole. The movements may sometime seem random and chaotic. But there is a certain beat, a patent rhythm, almost a song or a melody … Continue reading

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FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

The greatest fear, and perhaps the most common one, of many people today is FOMO.“Fear Of Missing Out.”It used to be men feared wars, hunger, pestilence.While many were afraid of contracting Covid19, the fear nothing like their fear of FOMO.In … Continue reading

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The Good, The Beautiful, The True

Random notes arbitrarily patched together would result in cacophonyBut put together mindfully and soulfully, they produce a sweet melodyIt may simply be an emotional love song that tugs at the heartstringsOr a polyphonic symphony that enables the spirit to take … Continue reading

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Only Trust Will Enable to Move Forward and Soar

There is so much fake news in media, specially social media, these days; one can really feel, sense, smell the poisoned atmosphere. There are outright lies that are peddled as truths. Or some bit of factual information is cast with … Continue reading

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Living with Mystery and Paradox

Since God is essentially unknowable, we often associate mystery and paradoxes with the Divine.And since life itself came from God, life indeed is also full of mystery and paradoxes.Life is so precious and beautiful we would want to keep and … Continue reading

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Sensing the Unknowable

Isn’t it a thrilling thought that I am made in the image and likeness of God? Even more thrilling is the fact that I am unique and that there will never be another one quite like me. Every human is … Continue reading

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How Does God Look Like

Note: Yesterday, I shared my thoughts about God in my life. How I feel his presence in the beauty of nature, in the unfolding of history, and in the twists and turns of my own life. It reminded of a … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Ridge

The past two years have been difficult to say the least.The world as we know it has vanished and we now live in a different world.During such times, usually once-in-a-millenium occurrence, it is easy for people to get unhinged, disoriented, … Continue reading

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Reflections at Dusk

We have indeed seen a lot of changes in recent times,buffeted as we have been by a stormy darkness.While saddened by all the death and disease around us,I am not despondent. I do not look at the past with nostalgia,longing … Continue reading

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The Couple-Tree

We all dream of a world where there would be “no more tears”, a world where people would live in peace and harmony,specially these days of the pandemic. And yet we see glimpses of such heaven around useven in the … Continue reading

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