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I Remember Tatang

Sometimes, it seems, that the people who are closest to us are the same people we know the least. People would often first trust a complete stranger who impresses rather than a neighbor who has been helping them out over … Continue reading

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Thinking of the End-time

As I approach the evening of my life, I often think of things people my age think about: what else? how will it end? when will it come? what would I be doing then? I sometimes think of my “final … Continue reading

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Temperaments And The Spiritual Life

Martha must be the patron saint of OC people. She is the typical homemaker, practical and always busy doing something. When Jesus came visiting, she would go immediately to meet and welcome Him and then busy herself in the kitchen … Continue reading

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Of Wheat And Weeds

In every field where wheat grows, there will be weeds. There will always be more wheat than there are weeds; just as there is more goodness in the world than there is evil. Still, evil is very real and it … Continue reading

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Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

It would be difficult to imagine life without¬†Saccharomyces cerevisiae.¬†That is the scientific name of the common yeast. It is essential for baking, brewing and winemaking. Through the process of fermentation, which produces energy and protein necessary for living tissues, it … Continue reading

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How Do Miracles Happen?

As we were waiting for the mass to begin yesterday at the Saint Joseph Cathedral here in San Jose, my attention wandered to the altar and I started wondering: How many prayers of petition and supplications have been brought to … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I bumped the crown of my head real hard as I tried getting into a van. I am grateful I have always been hardheaded, otherwise I could have cracked my skull or even passed out. I ended up with … Continue reading

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Seeds and Sower

I have been both seed and the sower. When I look back at my years, I feel deeply grateful for and humbled by all the blessings that have come into my life. It has been a long way from Angeles … Continue reading

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Eyes And Ears

If eyes were made for seeing, why do I fail to see so many things? I always wake up to a beautiful morning, why do I fail to see beauty the rest of the day? The eyes indeed were made … Continue reading

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A Great Love Story

I have often mused about the love story between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Theirs must have been a wonderful¬†relationship with a great deal of affection between the two of them. Jesus was a close friend of their family and He … Continue reading

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