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Jesuit Influences in My Life

Over the weekend, it was serendipity that we attended a wedding on Saturday and heard Sunday mass at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in Sacramento. It is a Jesuit Parish. Jesuits have played a major role and exerted a … Continue reading

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On My Blindness

There are many times I am blind and fail to see. I often get so accustomed to things I fail to see all the beauty around me. I get so busy with life I fail to stop and smell the … Continue reading

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Users Manual for Life

It is so easy for men to justify what is evil and vice and pervert these into what is good and virtuous. People know pride is bad but somehow it is made acceptable and even desirable when it is called … Continue reading

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Prayer In my Life

After more than two years of constant effort, my morning prayers and reflections have become an essential part of my daily routine. I cannot even begin to imagine my day without starting it in prayers. And what good has it … Continue reading

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Praying For A Change Of Heart

During moments of grace, and they are aplenty in my life, it is easy to see what is good from what is evil. To love is good. To hate and harbor evil thoughts against others is bad. To care and … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Life

A basic assumption of science is that the world is intelligible and that humans have the capacity to study and understand it. Because of this assumption. men over the centuries have discovered or formulated the laws of nature, like the … Continue reading

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Be It Done Unto Me According To Thy Word

There are many things and events in my life – most of them, amazing –  I have no control over: when, where and how I was born, when, where and how I will die, my innate talents and capabilities. There … Continue reading

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