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What A Difference Faith Makes

I do not have to believe that God exists. I know that for a certain. It is how I understand why there is something instead of nothing, why we exist instead of not exist. But I need faith to believe … Continue reading

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Love and the Vine

Here is one of the fondest memories I have of Jane while she was growing up. This happened when she was about four years old. One chilly morning we brought her to her nursery-school. And as she gave me her … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2018

Yesterday was Good Shepherd Sunday. As is his style, Jesus draws examples and images from nature to bring home his message. Here, he is the shepherd and we are his flock. There shall be one shepherd and one fold. The … Continue reading

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The Universe in a Flower

I recently read the book Einstein and the Rabbi by Naomi Levy, a woman Rabbi. She begins her book by telling the story of Rabbi Robert Marcus. This Rabbi was struggling with his grief over the untimely demise of his … Continue reading

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God, Being God

Watching the sunset gives me deep and almost heavenly feeling. It is the end of another day, something that should bring about sadness as most endings do. But sunsets leave me with a sense of wonder and reverence at the … Continue reading

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One And Done or Work In Progress?

The Resurrection is often seen and interpreted as a ‘one and done’ event. We have all been redeemed by Christ on Calvary. But I think that Redemption is better seen as a ‘work in progress’. That is why we also … Continue reading

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Faith and Love, Always Together

Could life ever come from rocks and stones? Doesn’t seem possible, experience tells me. Even so, scientists say we really came from rocks and dust from the stars. Should there be anything at all? there could have been just nothing … Continue reading

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