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Death, Be Not Proud

I have always sought to live a life with meaning. And these days, I also think a lot about dying a death with meaning. Ninoy Aquino, whose death – murder – we remembered yesterday, lived a life full of meaning. … Continue reading

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Making Space

Even a barren desert can be full of life. There is reason for hope even in the wilderness. If I were so full of myself, how could there be space for anybody else in my life? If I were filled … Continue reading

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An Abiding Sense of Awe and Wonder

There is a saying that no knight is a hero to his valet. Often, the routine of daily living dulls one’s sense of magic and mystery. People love children because it takes so little to stoke in them a deep … Continue reading

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What My Faith Tells Me

The scientists at CERN constructed and used the $50billion LHC to prove the existence of the so-called God particle. I use my Php 500 bible to come to essentially the same conclusion. My faith tells me that there is more … Continue reading

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It Only Takes a Spark

Several years back, there was all this excitement over the discovery of the Higgs boson. Scientists have never seen it but have believed it existed ever since it was postulated. This one tiny almost invisible particle holds the key to … Continue reading

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Reaching Out To The Transcendent

We live today in a highly secular society driven by science and technology. But even in the midst of so much agnosticism, I can still sense a certain human need for the transcendent, the sublime, the ineffable. a hunger and … Continue reading

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When You’re Down, Look Up

I’ve had my share of life’s affluence More than I could have imagined I dreamt of a life of ease and comfort I still wonder now how it all happened I’ve had my share of influence, Power and control over … Continue reading

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