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What Are The Odds?

Recently, all of Manila was agog over a first-time ever one billion pesos Lotto jackpot. Many who haven’t played Lotto before did so for the first time. There ws an air of pregnant expectancy in the air for several days … Continue reading

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Mysteries And Roots

The world we live in is a simple and yet a mysterious place. There are simple truths that are self-evident. Like, what goes up must come down. There are some truths we do not see but feel deeply in our … Continue reading

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The Presence We Call The Spirit

  I am more than the sum of my parts. In my deepest being, I am no different from everything else that exist. Yet, when I look into my deepest being, I know that I am different from everything else … Continue reading

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In nature, nothing is ever out of place. The beach looks as natural with or without footprints. With footprints, the scene suggests there are humans around with stories, to tell. Without the footprints, the pristine scene makes on wonder how … Continue reading

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Paradise Lost

Blink! There are some things that we see and understand in the blink of an eye. Intuitively. These include many spiritual insights: presence, peace, love, care, yearning, joy. These require no rational explanations. We only need to look deeply into … Continue reading

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Reflected Glory

The moon has no light of her own. She is but the reflections of the sun. When the sun is out, we don’t see her. But she bathes our nights with her warm and tender light. Everything that is has … Continue reading

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Some Truths Are Immeasurable

The scientific method puts a premium on predictability, repeatability and the central tendency in its statistical analysis. One essential tool of the scientific method is measurement. Even among managers, it is axiomatic to say that what cannot be measured cannot … Continue reading

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