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In the famous play, Vladimir and Estragon spend days waiting for Godot. They do not know exactly when  he was coming, how he looks like, why he is coming or why they are even waiting for him. They just know … Continue reading

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I Have Decided to Follow

Even from my earliest years, I have always felt a certain longing and hunger inside me, prodding and urging me on. I have also always heard a certain call and clear invitation from someone, somewhere to follow a certain direction, … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Nature

Men are a part of nature. Men and everything in nature all come from one and the same Source. Men have consciousness and reason while nature seems to be inanimate, devoid of these faculties. And yet, nature seems to be … Continue reading

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Signs Of The Times

We have done so much to pollute our environment we are seeing climate changes of apocalyptic proportions: super strong storms and typhoons, torrential rains and massive floods in some places with long-drawn out droughts in others, destructive storm surges and … Continue reading

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I Will Endure

According to the Law of Entropy, everything eventually breaks down. In fact, everything in the universe is fragile. Life itself is fragile. And yet fragility produces the pieces from which new life and new levels of existence are created. In … Continue reading

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Another paradox of life is the fact that change is the only constant. Changes define life and make it possible. Some changes are sudden and cataclysmic, like a strong typhoon. We see the destruction and devastation wrought by it but … Continue reading

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Love And Caring in the Aftermath of Yolanda

The outpouring of love, concern, caring and sharing in the past days for those affected and afflicted by Yolanda has been nothing short of miraculous. I have tried to do my share, miniscule to what others have put in who … Continue reading

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It used to be that kings ruled the earth. Their word was the law. Anyone who disobeyed the king was punished, not too rarely by death. One who earned the king’s favor was given great honors, lands and titles. Today, … Continue reading

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Life Never Dies

Roses flower and bloom, resplendent in their vibrant and beautiful colors. Left to themselves, they prosper and propagate because they are alive. Man applies fertilizer and tills the soil. The roses bloom earlier and with more blossoms. Man grafts the … Continue reading

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Early Morning Conversations

From my earliest years, I have always been fascinated by you seeking to know better and love you more. Even before I was fully aware of the world around me, I had been wondering what you were doing in our … Continue reading

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