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Happiness is a Present Because I Can Always Make It Present

It is early Easter morning. A happy day. A joyous occasion. Often, when we are overwhelmed by our grief,  fears or anxieties, we fail to see happiness even as it already stares us in the face – just like the … Continue reading

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He is Risen and so Will I.

The sun sets and the day ends. A man comes to the end of his life and he dies. A flower blooms in beautiful colors, then it fades away and dies. A meteor streaks across the sky, brightening the darkness … Continue reading

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The Fool on the Hill

My favorite comics character when I was growing up was Superman. He had tremendous strength and he was invincible, except when it came to kryptonite. I could not get my hands on enough Superman comic books to read and enjoy. … Continue reading

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Spiritual Narcissism

I realize that there is great danger in my spiritual life deteriorating into spiritual narcissism, being about myself, for myself and within myself. I cannot look at my prayer time as simply a feel-good moments of peace and quiet by … Continue reading

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Betrayal and Forgiveness

One of the most bitter human experiences possible is that of being betrayed. The betrayal becomes even more painful when it is done by a person one is close to. The trust and confidence that was there before is replaced … Continue reading

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Ruminating on a Quote From Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sow a thought and you reap an action. All actions are born out of a thought, even seemingly spontaneous ones that happen in the blink of an eye. Malcolm Gladwell calls this rapid cognition. But not all thoughts bear fruit … Continue reading

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Love Dinner with Jesus: No Invitation Needed

Among the best friends of Jesus had during his time here on earth were the sisters Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus. Specially touching and poignant was the love and affection Mary had for Jesus – how she would … Continue reading

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