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The Eternal WOW!

We embark on this journey called life with many other boats on this endless sea. And as we struggle on through unending strife We wonder what our life is meant to be. We are sailing together as seafarers all Though … Continue reading

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Love In The Time Of Pending Darkness

Many people today seek comfort and fulfillment in power, money, success and fame. This quest usually lead to greed, as people want more, to envy when they want also what others have, to anger when they don’t get what they … Continue reading

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Willing And Obedient

I am always scandalized the naked selfishness and unbridled greed there is in the business world as typified by Wall Street. A corporation makes billions of dollars in profits but its stock would tank if their profits were below the … Continue reading

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Dreamer and Idealist

  In my youth, I have always been a dreamer, an idealist. I would soar the heights of fancy and imagination, even plumb the depths of meaning and even darkness. In my imaginings, I could be anyone who I wanted … Continue reading

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Awed Again By The Beauty Around

The earth was formed about 4.57 billion years ago. Humans did not come upon the scene until much later. It was only after the Cretaceous–tertiary extinction event, some 65 million years ago. It took millions of years and at least five … Continue reading

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Living The Life Of The Spirit

It is the  desert experiences that make possible the beauty of the valley. The small painful moments that prepare us to face the big dramatic ones with courage and fortitude. It is only when we are empty that That God … Continue reading

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Another Desert Experience

For the nth time, my life has again been turned upside down, tossed around and about, topsy-turvy as in a state of utter confusion. We have pulled up our stakes again and made yet another major move – this time … Continue reading

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