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Birthdays and New Life

I celebrated my seven decades of a grace-filled life yesterday. And my youngest just reminded me that in those seven decades I have been responsible for seven new lives coming into the world. Sevenfold blessings for my seven decades of … Continue reading

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For most of my adult life, I have lived in cosmopolitan and urbanized areas in several places in the world. Yet I can still feel my peasant roots. My forebears were tillers, not owners, of the soil. During the off-season, … Continue reading

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Pueblo Amante de Maria

  Filipinos have always taken great pride in being the only Christian nation in Asia. We have even fancied ourselves as “Pueblo Amante de Maria” – Mary’s Beloved People. And to reciprocate that Marian love, we have dedicated two months … Continue reading

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Shunning the Prosperity Gospel

In my life journey, I have made the conscious and deliberate effort to follow the way of Christ. I have found strength, inspiration and deep meaning in doing so. In time of difficulties, I found guidance in his words and … Continue reading

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Early Morning At Home

My first sunrise back home. Still jet-lagged, I was up at the break of dawn and caught the sun as it was rising from the East. Home. Home? Where is home? In recent years, I have been shuttling back and … Continue reading

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Living at the Threshold of Eternity

Man has always lived at the threshold of eternity, at the doorsteps of life everlasting. The beauty and grandeur there is in nature is clear indication that there is something better and more life-filled yet to come. Spring may come … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Eternal Life

Today is the first day of Spring. Nature is sprouting new and fresh life, as traces of winter fade away. So much to be thankful for. So many thing to be joyful about. It is time for counting blessings. I … Continue reading

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