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My Continuing Journey

Seven decades and a lot has changed in my life. I have met a lot of wonderful people. And some heels. I have been to many exciting places, now stored in my photo collections. I have experienced amazing moment now … Continue reading

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I struggle these days to return to a regular and meaningful prayer life. The bumps and the detours I have recently encountered in life have derailed what I thought was a deep and sincere relationship with the Lord. Of late, … Continue reading

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White Noise

Anabelle and I were in the US to visit Mihaela, our fourth grandchild. She is so adorable. And what a fortunate baby she is. We were impressed at how hands-on as parents Mickey and Iulia are. I do not remember … Continue reading

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Where Is Home?

A room is a still a room, even when there’s nothin’ there but gloom But a room is not a house and a house is not a home When the two of us are far apart And one of us … Continue reading

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Early Morning At Home

My first sunrise back home. Still jet-lagged, I was up at the break of dawn and caught the sun as it was rising from the East. Home. Home? Where is home? In recent years, I have been shuttling back and … Continue reading

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A Joyful Fear. Or, A Fearful Joy?

“Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.” ~ Master Yoda The diametrical opposite of love is not hate but fear. We fear what we do not understand. Uncertainty and the … Continue reading

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Easter Ennui?

Of late, some many things seem to be going wrong in so many places and among so many people, including myself. There is a feeling of lingering malaise in me but I am not really sad. With things going wrong, … Continue reading

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Do Not Disturb: God At Work

All is quiet now and there’s silence all around They have killed the Lord and buried him in the ground. The disciples have scampered in fear and confusion Wondering whatever happened to all their ambition Still they did not understand … Continue reading

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Good Friday Good Feelings

To many Jews during the time of Jesus, his death on the cross was the awful ending to an adventure gone terribly wrong. Here was an itinerant preacher who simply burst upon the scene, preaching repentance and the coming of … Continue reading

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A Cosmic Maundy Thursday

It’s Maundy Thursday. Everything has ground to a halt in the Philippines. The big city is empty and all the streets are practically devoid of traffic. People have hied off to some coasts to refresh their tired bodies or to … Continue reading

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