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The Annunciation

Men know the horrors of wars and the violence attendant to them. And yet much of human history has been written in blood with conquering armies: the conquests of Alexander, the legions of Caesar, the elephant-mounted warriors of Hannibal, the … Continue reading

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My Need for Repentance

Even at an early age, I remember collecting and memorizing Gospel verses that would inspire me no end. I often wondered whether I would have been one of his followers if I had lived during the time of Jesus. Many … Continue reading

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Ask, Seek, and Knock

“Ask and it will be given to you; For everyone who asks, receives.” What is there to still ask for? I have run out of things to ask. Many things I have asked for have been given to me; justas … Continue reading

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Imagine Generosity

Lord Jesus, teach me to be generous;  Imagine a world where there is no more hunger nor poverty, for we have the resources to end hunger and poverty. teach me to serve you as you deserve,  Imagine people giving out … Continue reading

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Possessed by Possessions

I read the news today, oh boy. The rich just got richer; and the poor are getting poorer. Today, the top 23 billionaires in the world control as much as wealth the bottom fifty percent of the world. Last year, … Continue reading

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A Christ Believer

I seek to be good because of the challenge of Christ for me to be perfect, seeking this goodness by doing good for others. He does not call those who are perfect. But those he calls he brigs to perfection … Continue reading

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I’m Coming Home

Nothing evokes as much peace and joy for me as the thought of coming home. Home is a place where I can be myself, where I can put down my masks and scratch where it itches. Home is where I … Continue reading

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