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Let The Children . . .

Children are a blessing. No one and nothing can give us more joys and happiness. Babies evoke the deepest love from those around them. Nothing can be sweeter-smelling than a baby’s breathe. Nothing softer or smoother than a baby’s skin. … Continue reading

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No, We Never Travel Alone

It was a hot and dusty afternoon and we were walking back to San Carlos from our catechism classes at the Guadalupe Nuevo Elementary School when we noticed a young girl, rather shy but also rather forward enthusiastically waving at … Continue reading

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A Wet Dream

This is not about what most people would think. But I could not think a more appropriate title than this. Early this morning, I had the weirdest of dreams. Anabelle and I have a very dear friend whom we have … Continue reading

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Devotion And Commitment

In the face of extreme adversity and difficulty, my usual response has been to walk away from a person or a situation. I move on and start anew. But there are certain people and situations I shall never walk away … Continue reading

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Faith in the Philippines

There is an abundance of faith healers in the Philippines like nowhere else in the world. To be sure, many of those who have claimed to be able to heal have been proven to be hoaxes. And many of those … Continue reading

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Let the Children Teach Us

I love children and there are times I’d rather be with them than with adults. I love how they look and see life and the world with eyes of unending wonder and amazement. They teach me everything I need to … Continue reading

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Love Without Limits Nor Conditions

Love, like a spring, is life giving. Love, like water, refreshes and rejuvenates. I love it when I can tell someone that I will make time for him or her. It is an act of the will, a choice, to … Continue reading

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