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Disturbing Thoughts

Business and finance. Power and politics. Science and technology. Entertainment and leisure. These are things that seemsĀ  to be driving the world today. Much of the news is about these and events in these areas always hog the headlines. But … Continue reading

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Beauty Over And Out Of Ugly

This is a burl. A burl is a rounded knotty growth on a tree, seen by many as an imperfection, and maybe even as a symptom of a disease or the sign of a faulty growth. But in the hands … Continue reading

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Win-Win Is The Only Way

Why is it that evil people seem to prosper and good men suffer? Is it because being good is often thought to be the same as being weak or naive? Of having a Lose-Win mentality? Others go for Win-Lose and … Continue reading

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A Perennial Lesson

My two favorite times are the changing of the seasons and the ending of each day. I love the the rich blending of colors when seasons change. They match the gamut of the emotions I feel when earth renews herself. … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

Who am I? Really? Sometime ago, I wrote this in answer to that question: “As I think of the defining moments in my life, I realize that I can never fully define myself except in relationships with others. One person … Continue reading

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Love Colors Everything

St. Augustine once wrote: “Love and then, what you will, do.” Seconding that emotion, Fr. Arrupe the former Jesuit General wrote: “What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything.” Who and what I love make … Continue reading

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Three More Mothers

  Today is Mothers’ Day. And Facebook and social media are awash with greetings for mothers. There is a veritable avalanche of paeans and acclamations for all mothers. There is a massive deluge of gratitude, appreciation and undying love from … Continue reading

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