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A Life Well-lived

Tatang must have been the first one in his family to have gone to college; for they were of peasant stock. He was among the early teachers in Pampanga during the American Colonization. In the process, he inspired many of … Continue reading

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A User’s Manual for Life?

Mickey has just bought himself a new car and it came with a very thick ‘User’s Manual’ as thick as a Bible. The Manual describes the car and its parts in great details, how to operate the car, how to … Continue reading

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Time in the Eternal Now

I often think of time – it’s such a precious gift But no one knows how much of it we have At times, we let it pass away and just drift At times, for another day we’d like to save … Continue reading

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Wearing Masks in Daily Life

We often wear masks and what people see is not really what they get. The news and history is replete with stories of people being the exact opposite of whom they try to project they are. There are preachers who … Continue reading

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Working for the Weightier Things

Just when I start getting all comfortable and settled in in my life, something always happens to change its direction and my life gets unsettled, goes into turmoil but somehow things always become better. I was happy and contented growing … Continue reading

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God Gives His People Strength

I am inspired by the massive turnout and the great spirit that pervaded the anti-PDAF rally that happened yesterday in the Philippines. I can see the spirit of EDSA I alive and resurrected. Kay sarap maging Filipino. I hope our … Continue reading

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Love Not Possible Without Faith

Love literally makes my living worthwhile. But, I can love only because I believe. I stand in awe at the majesty and grandeur of nature and I am overcome by the presence of a Creator I cannot fully know nor … Continue reading

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