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Darkness, Conversion and the Evil One

We live in dark times. Darkness is all around us. It is even darker for those whose lives have been snuffed out just because they lived in slum areas; or they did not speak like we do; or they behaved … Continue reading

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Possessed by Possessions

I read the news today, oh boy. The rich just got richer; and the poor are getting poorer. Today, the top 23 billionaires in the world control as much as wealth the bottom fifty percent of the world. Last year, … Continue reading

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Let Freedom and Justice Ring

Today is the feast of Martin Luther King. His message and work for freedom, justice and equality remain relevant to this day. It is unthinkable how any man could think of himself as the owner of another person, even in … Continue reading

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Teachers Build The Future

This morning, I had breakfast with two former students to catch up on what each one of us was doing currently. Iy warmed my heart to hear them say that their studies and education have made all the difference in … Continue reading

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S.A.D. @ Christmas

Christmas is a joyful season. But how is it that Christmas is often tinged with a touch of sadness for many people? It is a time of love and maybe we miss people we love we could not be with … Continue reading

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The Most Proactive Person in the Gospels

What would you do if you found out that your fiancĂ©e was pregnant before your wedding. And the baby isn’t even yours. The expected reaction will be anger and bitterness over such huge betrayal. In the heat of passion, one … Continue reading

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Rejoice and Be Glad

Every epic tale since time immemorial has always involved the hero going forth on a quest or a mission to rescue the princess, or to win a kingdom or to save his people from the enemy or an impending disaster. … Continue reading

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