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“The Lord is with you.”

There is a Presence in my life that is not human. Being human is being alive, like waking up in the morning and going through the day, eating, working, resting and sometimes having fun. Yet, there are moments during the … Continue reading

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Being a Father – My Tribute to My Tatang

Today is the birthday of Tatang, so fondly missed and lovingly remembered. I always think about him whenever I read the story of Joseph. Like Joseph, Tatang was a carpenter. That makes me a carpenter’s son. He spent his life … Continue reading

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We Are Family

Yesterday was a family day for us. Martin and family with Mickey arrived from abroad to attend Macky’s wedding this weekend. I was excited to pick them up from the airport and trully thrilled when I finally saw them after … Continue reading

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Living Through Uncertainty

In a world governed by entropy, man wants to have some sense of certainty and some modicum of assurance. In the absence of certainty he can ascertain for himself, man seeks an authority he can believe in to be certain … Continue reading

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The Prophet, The Fool and The Poet

Pasternak once wrote: “In every generation, there has to be a fool who will speak the truth as he sees it.” He could very have been describing what a prophet is. He could have written that with John the Baptist … Continue reading

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What Have I Really Learned In My Life?

“Regrets, I’ve had a few; but then again too few to mention.” There may have been some missed opportunities in my past that could have afforded me a bit more material resources or a bit more comfortable lifestyle. But now … Continue reading

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The Joy of the Gospel

Pope Francis has been named The Person of the Year by Time Magazine, a worthy accolade to a man who has inspired billions of people and who has in less than a year rekindle the fires of faith everywhere. And … Continue reading

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