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Saint Andrew, Apostle

  This is Saint Andrew’s Cross. Legend has it that Andrew told his executioners that he was not worthy to be crucified on the same cross style as Jesus, and persuaded them to alter the shape. Today is the Feast … Continue reading

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The Incarnation

Everything in nature is governed by the laws of nature. What goes up must come down. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every living thing is driven by and blindly follows its instincts. There is beauty … Continue reading

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What Are You Grateful For?

Business and politics, science and technology, entertainment and leisure – these are things that seem to be driving the world today. Much of the news is about these things; and events in these areas always hog the headlines. But life … Continue reading

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Why The Church Is Holy

This song is the theme of the movie “The Cardinal”, the story of a priest who faced temptations and challenges of moral dilemmas, the social issues of his times and the never-ending tests to his celibacy. He was not perfect … Continue reading

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On Generosity

Generosity begins not with what I have but with what I am inside and who I am. Generosity is measured not by what I give away but by what i keep for myself. If I can live with small amounts … Continue reading

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And Now The End Is Near

Today id the end of the Liturgical Year. The Gospel is about the two thieves crucified alongside Christ. I posted what Jesus sag to the good Thief, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” Some of my friends reacted … Continue reading

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The Sacrament Of The Here And Now

I enjoy recalling memories of events from the past, both happy and sad, how these have brought color into my life, how these have helped me become the person I that I am today. But memories are in the past … Continue reading

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