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Families As Oases Of Love

We live in a secular and open society. Everything is up for questioning and subject to challenge. Because nothing is sacred anymore. No more absolute values or norms. On the one hand, I welcome this for it has meant freedom … Continue reading

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Love And Marriage, Once More

When God commanded men to have dominion over all the earth, they took it to heart. Over the ages men have carved out mountains, redirected rivers, reclaimed land from the sea, made the desert bloom. In the process, they have … Continue reading

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Waiting For Another Dawn

The 1986 EDSA Revolution started at the start of the weekend. And I remember clearly that the Gospel reading for that Sunday was the story of the Transfiguration. And those four days in February were for me a Transfiguration experience … Continue reading

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Evil Is Real

There is a tendency among religious people to minimize or even romanticize evil away. I myself would sometimes see sin as being part of the human condition, being weak or being incomplete or being imperfect. But there is real evil … Continue reading

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A Wet Dream

This is not about what most people would think. But I could not think a more appropriate title than this. Early this morning, I had the weirdest of dreams. Anabelle and I have a very dear friend whom we have … Continue reading

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Devotion And Commitment

In the face of extreme adversity and difficulty, my usual response has been to walk away from a person or a situation. I move on and start anew. But there are certain people and situations I shall never walk away … Continue reading

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And Who Is my Neighbor?

The neighbor is not he who passed by on the opposite side, in order not to be bothered in one self-busy-ness, Not to have to attend to someone in distress, Not to lose time and money to help another person. … Continue reading

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