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How Does God Look Like

Note: Yesterday, I shared my thoughts about God in my life. How I feel his presence in the beauty of nature, in the unfolding of history, and in the twists and turns of my own life. It reminded of a … Continue reading

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We Love; Therefore, We Are.

“I think; therefore, I am.” Thus, Descartes has spawned the rationalistic and scientific culture we see dominant in the West today. It also explains the intense individualism (“I am.”) we see. A more realistic philosophy, I believe, is “I co-exist; … Continue reading

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Late Lessons for a Lolo

One of our joys these days are the times we spend with Maia. And I love how she is so in love with here Lola. Like, whenever they come home from a pasyal, she would fill our home with her shouts … Continue reading

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Gratitude Is an Expression of Love

Gratitude is a deeply spiritual virtue. In a culture of competitive individualism, one can easily lose sight of the others in one’s life. Gratitude is the awareness and appreciation of the fact that I am not alone. I can do … Continue reading

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Mother Mary Comes To Me

  Yesterday was the feast of La Naval, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. It’s fiesta in Quezon City and Angeles, coincidentally the two cities I consider home. Marian devotion has always been a hallmark of Catholicism. Catholic lore is … Continue reading

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The Improbable Truth of Faith and Love

There are billions of galaxies in the universe and billions of stars in each of these galaxies. One can imagine trillions of planets revolving around these stars. It is almost a  statistical certainty that there are some life forms in … Continue reading

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Tuesdays with Alran, Part 2

In the afterglow of our recent “Tuesdays with Alran” last Thursday, I have been mulling and ruminating over what he shared with us from his recent life experience. In the end, all that matters and all that gives meaning and … Continue reading

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Families As Oases Of Love

We live in a secular and open society. Everything is up for questioning and subject to challenge. Because nothing is sacred anymore. No more absolute values or norms. On the one hand, I welcome this for it has meant freedom … Continue reading

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Love And Marriage, Once More

When God commanded men to have dominion over all the earth, they took it to heart. Over the ages men have carved out mountains, redirected rivers, reclaimed land from the sea, made the desert bloom. In the process, they have … Continue reading

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Waiting For Another Dawn

The 1986 EDSA Revolution started at the start of the weekend. And I remember clearly that the Gospel reading for that Sunday was the story of the Transfiguration. And those four days in February were for me a Transfiguration experience … Continue reading

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