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The Attitude of Gratitude – Day 2

One tip to being happy is to thank God for everything you have. Literally, I count my blessings, writing down the things I have in life that give me happiness. From the smallest, like a kiss, a hug, a smile, … Continue reading

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The Attitude of Gratitude – Day 1

In the great Christian tradition of novenas, I am starting today a nine-day preparation for Thanksgiving Day. All major and important holy days in Christianity are celebrated with a nine-day preparation, culminating with the feast itself. Gratitude is a deeply … Continue reading

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Win-Win Is The Only Way

Why is it that evil people seem to prosper and good men suffer? Is it because being good is often thought to be the same as being weak or naive? Of having a Lose-Win mentality? Others go for Win-Lose and … Continue reading

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Love In The Time Of Pending Darkness

Many people today seek comfort and fulfillment in power, money, success and fame. This quest usually lead to greed, as people want more, to envy when they want also what others have, to anger when they don’t get what they … Continue reading

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Love Colors Everything

St. Augustine once wrote: “Love and then, what you will, do.” Seconding that emotion, Fr. Arrupe the former Jesuit General wrote: “What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything.” Who and what I love make … Continue reading

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Love Is The Only Law Of The Universe

All things by immortal power. Near or far, to each other linked are, that thou canst not stir a flower without troubling of a star. ~ by the poet and mystic, Francis Thompson I first heard these lines from Fr. … Continue reading

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My Journey Of Life

It’s a long and winding road, this journey of life. Sometimes, I walk on the mountain top where it is sunny and exhilarating. Other times, I walk along a stream down in the valley where it is cool and refreshing. … Continue reading

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