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A New Year’s Eve Spirit Moment

Another year is about to end and a new one will be upon us in a few more hours. We celebrate the event with a lot of noise and fanfare, marking yet another transition for us ~ new beginnings, new … Continue reading

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Here is to Christmas, One More Time!

This year, I was transported back in time to the Christmas of my childhood, where we would go around visiting family and friends. Ima would wake us up early and with me, David, Noel, Non and Tatang in tow, would … Continue reading

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Hope is probably the most human of emotions. It uplifts us from our misery to envision and work for better times. It inspires us to create new visions and make this world a better place. It is hope for better … Continue reading

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Filipinos love the underdog. It could be our natural temperament as a people or our deeply rooted Christian upbringing. We just have a soft spot in our hearts for the poor, those who are in need or in pain, those … Continue reading

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A New Order Is Born At Christmas Time

At Christmas time, a new world order is born and the old one is passing away. The human economy is built on scarcity of resources, on limited and limiting needs and wants. The divine economy is built on abundance and … Continue reading

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Christmas Blessings: Presence and Freedom

Christmas is about Presence and Freedom. Many, many years ago, people saw God as a distant unreachable Lord, who ruled the heavens and the earth from on high. Through Christmas, God has blessed our lot by sharing in our humanity. … Continue reading

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Groaning and Moaning for the Morning

The Newtown massacre was a tragic event of humongous proportions. It is ironic that it should happen just a few weeks before the joyous celebration of Christmas. But this tragic event is symptomatic of the malaise the world is suffering … Continue reading

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Retelling and Rewriting the Gospels

Christmas has always been an endearing and enduring story of love, peace, joy and hope. In Mary, we feel the love that a mother has for her child bearing everything to bring him into the world. In the Child Jesus, … Continue reading

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My Soul Magnifies the Lord

For all the posturings that Filipino men do, I still believe that Philippines society is essentially a matriarchal one. In many Filipino homes, the father brings home the bacon but it is the mother who cooks it and still holds … Continue reading

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I Was Born For Greater Things

Life is full of challenges and surprises. There are times I give in to cynicism and say “This too will pass away but it will never get better. There will just be another disappointment.” Yet, time and time again, things … Continue reading

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