The Heartbeat of the Universe


I love each new day that breaks out with the light of dawn,
another chance for life to fully blossom out for me.
But I also look forward to the quiet and stillness
that night has to offer to roost and to rest.

I love to travel and venture out into the world.
But I also love coming home to recoup and to recharge.
I love being with people and building relationships.
But I also need time to be alone with myself.

And so, in my life as in the universe,
there is a certain rhythm and pulse that goes up and down,
in and out, open and close, dark and light.
There is constant cycle of joy and sadness,
laughter and tears, happiness and suffering.
And I need companions for the journey – with others, with myself.

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Devotion And Commitment


In the face of extreme adversity and difficulty,
my usual response has been to walk away from a person or a situation.
I move on and start anew.

But there are certain people and situations
I shall never walk away from – no matter what.
I hope they know who they are.
I try to tell them in so many words that I shall never leave;
but, more than words, I hope I have shown by my actions
that I shall never walk away and will always be present for them.

It is in the same manner that I hold on to the Lord’s promise
that he shall always be with me – no matter what.


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Let the Children . . . .



At that time Jesus said,

“I thank you, Father,
Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things
from the wise and the intelligent
and have revealed them to infants;
yes, Father, for such was your gracious will.”




It takes grace and a great sensitivity of spirit to see the wonder and beauty in small things and ordinary events.
I see a lot of postings by doting and loving parents and grandparents of their children, invariably tagged as angels, princesses, champions, cute, unbelievable, the best, the prettiest or handsomest ever – which they are!

God, in his heavens, must be looking down on us, amused and saying:
“It takes so little to make them happy.”
And our hearts are indeed filled with joy and happiness.

Yet there are times of weakness and selfishness when we feel
we are entitled to the sun, the stars and the moon.
And we feel so empty unless the universe was served at our feet, by God himself no less.
I will seek God in the small things and the ordinary events of my life
and thank him for that presence.

Today, I will!

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Praying With Physics


Newton’s First Law of Motion: An object in motion tends to stay in motion
and an object at rest tends to stay at rest, unless the object is acted upon.
When we are at rest, we want to stay at rest. Inertia.
When we are in motion, we tend to just keep on going. Momentum.

My faith shakes me out of my inertia.
I feel the movement of the Spirit urging me to do something
for myself, for others, for nature.
My faith also helps me stop once in a while
and not indulge in mindless activity or frenetic busy-ness.
I feel the call of the Spirit to keep still, remain quiet
and seek grounding for my activities and busy-ness.
Paradoxically, I can pray when I am active
and I can be active accomplishing some things in my stillness.

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A Child of the Universe That Matters


It is a scientific fact that matter is indestructible. It is never destroyed but merely changed into another form or transformed into another state. The atoms, their number and configuration always remain the same.

In death, life is not ended nor taken away, but merely changed, transformed, reconfigured. The Christian term for this is the Resurrection. And the wonderful thing about is that I participate in that change, in that event. Matter is changed, transformed and reconfigured according to the laws of physics. In the resurrection, I can decide and work on what change, transformation, and reconfiguration I want to have. I have been promised that I can have life and have it to the fullest.

The first step to changing myself is called repentance. Metanoia, the early Christians called it, is a change of heart. This is grace at work in me and within me.

I may just be a tiny speck in the universe but I am a unique and unrepeatable event. My life story is all my own. To many, I may even be totally unpredictable. Science deals with that which repeatable and predictable.

At the same time, I have something in me a little bit of everything that there is in the universe. I came from the primal cosmic dust from the big bang. At the core of my being, I am made of the same stuff as the trees and the stars. This mystery of my uniqueness and yet being an intimate part of the cosmos fill me with absolute wonderment and unending gratitude. I often smile whenever I come upon that realization.

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And Who Is my Neighbor?


The neighbor is not he who passed by on the opposite side,
in order not to be bothered in one self-busy-ness,
Not to have to attend to someone in distress,
Not to lose time and money to help another person.
It is he who refused to see the pain and troubles of others.

The neighbor is the one
who was moved with compassion at the man waylaid by life’s troubled,
who approached the victim, the oppressed, those taken advantage of,
who poured oil and wine over his wounds and bandaged them,
who gave shelter and protection to those who have been abandoned,
who dug into his pocket to provide for those without resources,
who cared what happened to the victim afterwards.

Often, we find it hard to follow the law.
But it is not if we just spend less time thinking about it
and more time actually doing it.
For the law is not something that is written in statute books nor even in stone.
Rather “it is something very near to you,
already in your mouths and in your hearts;
you have only to carry it out.”

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It Only Takes a Spark


Several years back, there was all this excitement over the discovery of the Higgs boson. Scientists have never seen it but have believed it existed ever since it was postulated. This one tiny almost invisible particle holds the key to understanding the vast and almost infinite universe. It is key to understanding how the universe originated from one tiny spark that became the big bang.

I love stories from my childhood where the hero picks up small inconsequential things along his quest, like a pebble, a string, or perhaps a stick, and how these would prove to be of great consequence later.

I love it how the Master Storyteller has woven and continues to weave Salvation History through the lives of small and inconsequential people. He loves calling the least, the last and the lost to confound the mighty in their self-righteousness.

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