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Bukas Palad ~ Generosity

Bukas palad is such a felicitous Filipino expression of what generosity is all about. To be generous is to have open hands, willing and ready to give everything in one’s palms. To be truly generous is to give without limits … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Sower and the Computer

Ordinary things and events often can teach us very valuable lessons and give us deep insights. In today’s Gospel, Christ used the story about a sower to explain how people would respond to his words and teachings. I have always … Continue reading

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I’m Coming Home to My Mother, My Brothers and My Sisters.

“Receive what you are and become what you have received.” I picked up these words from the homily of Fr. George last Sunday. What and who I am is a gift I constantly wonder at. I did nothing to deserve … Continue reading

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I Believe

In a murder case, motive is essential to establish a crime has been committed. Without the motive, there is no crime. Leaders of all type employ incentives, rewards or cause to die for in order to move people and motivate … Continue reading

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I Am Here Because Somebody Cares

There are moments I feel I am but a speck of dust in the general scheme of things in the universe that just one swipe of the cleaning rug and I am gone away forever, with the universe none the … Continue reading

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There Will Never Be Another Me Or You

No one can read a person as one reads a book. I have three sons and I once thought that after Martin; Mickey and Macky would be just simple copies of Martin. Nothing was farther from the reality. Sure, it … Continue reading

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My Damascus Is Not One Of Blinding Light But Of Groping In Shadows

I always experience a certain thrill in being the first to announce some good news. Unfortunately, that is also true when it comes to bad news. But people have always loved passing on information, either in the form of news … Continue reading

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