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Some Amazing Lessons

So much of life’s meaning can be gleaned from ordinary elements. Earth. The soil on which we plant that by which we live is nothing but clumps of earth. The hill and the mountains that we look up to for … Continue reading

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Lazarus and the Rich Man

I have always loved watching the rays of the sun bursting forth in the sky in all directions. Be it the first glimmering of dawn or the slow fading of the setting sun or the full splendor of the noon … Continue reading

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Faith is a Gift and also a Struggle

Sometimes I wonder if it would have been easier for me to believe and have faith had I lived during the time of Jesus and walked the earth with him, if like the disciples He sent forth, I had been … Continue reading

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Prayer and Suffering

Prayer is as natural to my spiritual life as eating is to my physical existence. Hunger pangs tell me when and how much I have to eat. Uneasiness in my spirit tells me when to calm down and seek quiet … Continue reading

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Who is Jesus Christ for me?

Who is Jesus Christ? He claimed that He is God. For the Jews, this was the ultimate blasphemy punishable by death. And put him to death, they did. But He rose from the dead, as he said He would. He … Continue reading

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Power and Authority, Love and Service

When given or vested with power and authority, the usual tendency of many people is to use these to dominate and control others. And often, there will be those who would use these for their own personal benefit. I am … Continue reading

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We Are One

One of my first impulses in meeting new people, specially fellow Filipinos, is to find connections and common bonds. In so many ways, I ask where they are from, where they went to school, where they have worked. Then, I … Continue reading

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