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This Is Probably What Prayer Is About

Yesterday, Anabelle and I again went on a hike at Pulgas Ridge in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was slightly overcast and a bit chilly. But that made for an invigorating and salutary hike. As we were walking, I was … Continue reading

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Nature’s Selfie

I caught Nature one morning taking a selfie of herself. She had no camera but the lake waters were calm and clear. It was also a clear and chilly wintry morning with blue skies. The lighting was perfect for for … Continue reading

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Slow Silent Serenity

Speed and noise seem to be essential elements of people’s lives today. When people want something, they often want it now. So we have instant versions of practically everything. No waiting. Instant gratification. Yet it took billions of years to … Continue reading

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Thorny Flowers

It has been a weekend of pain and suffering, brought about by anger, violence and hatred. Las Vegas. Edmonton. Marseille. Before those, Charlottesville. London. Barcelona. How can we keep on inflicting pain and suffering on one another? We humans are … Continue reading

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A Paean To The Universe

Everything that exists is in perpetual motion, dancing to a certain rhythm that is the pulse beat of the universe. A cosmic symphony, if you will. A glorious hymn to all that there is. As the cosmic dance continues, planets … Continue reading

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One More Gift ~ PEACE!

During my younger years, one of my favorite ‘little’ books was Dag Hammarskj√∂ld’s Markings. He died too soon and was in a plane crash on his way to the Congo to broker peace talks between rebels and their government. Almost … Continue reading

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Chance Events Are Actually God’s Grace

Some world views would have me believe that I am the product of some random events, that the Big Bang was a freak accident, one in a million possibility becoming real, that out of that fortuitous event all the galaxies … Continue reading

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