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On Sleep And Dreams

    Sleep in heavenly peace . . . .    The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream . . . .     The Gospel readings during the Christmas season are replete on stories about … Continue reading

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What Child Is This?

The Infancy narratives are among the most beautiful and moving of the stories in the Gospels. One can actually feel the peace, joy and love while reading them. These stories serve as the reason for the joy and happiness we … Continue reading

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What We Seek And Hope For

The world today is like a wilderness. There are wars in many parts of the world. In places not visited by wars or violence, there is the ever present threat of terrorism. There is constant fear and panic in financial … Continue reading

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Moments of Grace, 3

Blessings are often identified with good fortune, joy and happiness, dreams come true, and the like. But grace can also be found in our pain and suffering, failures and disappointments, our tears and fears, even emptiness and loneliness. For what … Continue reading

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Moments of Grace, 1

There was a time, I was driving Jonathan to school with Martin, I made a left turn signal only to go straight and drive ahead on four-way stop intersection. It was a good thing that the lady in the car … Continue reading

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A Sacred and Holy Place

Today, I was at the Apung Mamacalulu (Merciful Lord or Lord of Mercy) in Angeles City. We were invited by the current Rector of the Shrine, Fr. Raffy dela Cruz, to experience the place like we have never done before. … Continue reading

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In His Image And Likeness

It inspires me to know that I am made in the image and likeness of God. It rouses me even more to realize that I was made uniquely and that there will never be another one quite like me. If … Continue reading

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Remembering A Gracious Lady

I attended the wake of a gracious lady yesterday. Her life was princess-like fairy tale story. But where most fairy tales are meant to be short and fading and meant for mere telling; hers was long and lasting and meant … Continue reading

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Following Christ

There is a great tendency today for people to do things for show or to make a good impression; not because it is the right thing to do. A popular expression is “What you see is what you get ~ … Continue reading

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The Tapestry of Life

I live in a network of relationships – links to nature, to people, to God. For what is life but a tapestry of the places we have been to, the people we have come into contact with, the events we … Continue reading

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