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The Storms Are Here. Is He Asleep Again?

There are a lot of storms raging in the world today and many more are brewing and looming in the horizon. The same-sex debates/discussions continue, calling into question the very nature of marriage and the role of the family in … Continue reading

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Who Do You Say That I Am

“Who do you say that I am?” The answer to that question is both personal and communal. My personal answer is arrived at through prayer and in loving service to others. The communal answer is achieved through common reflection and … Continue reading

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A Tree Falling In The Forest

We were at the Muir Woods National Monument yesterday¬†to enjoy and be awed by the giant sequoia redwoods. Left to itself, undisturbed by human presence, a redwood tree can live for thousands of years. But sometimes, a giant redwood may … Continue reading

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Say But The Word

“Say but the word . . . ” Words are very powerful. In the beginning, God created everything by just speaking the words. “Let there be light!” Man gets to own this creation by naming things and events with words. … Continue reading

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Prayer Is Wasting Time

I sometimes wonder what good does praying do. I sit in silence, alone and by myself. I do nothing. I accomplish nothing. So, what good does praying do? It seems to be such a waste of time. Yet, it is … Continue reading

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Happiness Is . . . .

A life with meaning is a happy life and it is something everyone longs for. Some seek meaning in money and wealth and they look happy from the outside. But desire for money and wealth often become insatiable greed it … Continue reading

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Every birth is an occasion for wonder and amazement, just like the birth of John the Baptist or of Jesus the Christ. It is like the heavens open up for one moment and one of the angels escapes to earth … Continue reading

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It’s A Birthday Moment!

Today is my birthday – a day that represents a whole year that was. And what a year it was: full of love, joys and blessings. For these, I am grateful and humbled. It is also a day that promises … Continue reading

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Judging Others

It took me a while but I have learned that I have the¬†tendency to judge and hate in others what I hate most in myself. I have condemned and been harsh to people I have judged as hypocrites, when I … Continue reading

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“Inside Out’ – The Movie

We saw the movie Inside Out last night. It was full. Meant to be a kids’ movie, it nevertheless spoke to me of deep truths. Inside us are the many emotions and memories that shape up our personalities. The more … Continue reading

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