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The Roots of True Joy

There are times I would define my happiness in terms of what make me different from others. Being able to take beautiful and frame-able pictures makes me happy. I am not a professional photographer but I do have an eye … Continue reading

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The Blessings of Being a Teacher

Often, at night, when sleep is hard to come by, one of my favorite ways of lulling myself to sleep is to remember students who have been in my classes. I am happy that  quite a number of them have … Continue reading

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A Nation in Need of a Lamp

I am disheartened by the unfolding events in the Philippines. A big part of my heart still lives here. I get the feeling that the presidency of P’Noy is unraveling. He is showing himself to be incompetent and even unfeeling … Continue reading

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Goodness Comes From the Giving

California is a rich and bountiful land. It is one of life’s blessings that I live here. Northern California is known for it high tech industries. The Southern part is the entertainment capital of the world. But central California is … Continue reading

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My Life in Four Stages

When I was a child, it was “Go! Grow! Glow!” It was a time to nurture and develop my physical capabilities, my mental faculties, my social skills and my spiritual roots. Then came the period of preparation and I acquired … Continue reading

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Praying For Christian Unity

This week, Churches celebrate and pray for Christian Unity. It is a scandal and very disheartening that Christian Churches have splintered into groups, often because of rather flimsy reasons. I can hear the Lord’s warning that a house divided against … Continue reading

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A Culture of Life

The gospel of Jesus is the gospel of life and love. He said, “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” And then, He commanded his disciples, “A new command I give you: Love one … Continue reading

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