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There Is Innate Goodness In Us

Maia just recently turned one year old. She does not speak yet except through a few syllables, like ‘mah mah’, ‘dah dah’, ‘tah’. And yet she is very good at communicating. She knows how to tell us how she feels … Continue reading

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On Being Mediocre

I have always been wary and afraid of being tagged or labeled as mediocre. At work, in my career, as a professional, and in my personal life, I have always avoided being contented with “Puede na yan.” And I kinda … Continue reading

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Laudato Si’

All the earth proclaim the Lord; sing your praise to God. Laudato Si’ Praise be to you! Climate change is real. And there is a crisis. For eons, Earth has existed with humans in it. For millions of years, it … Continue reading

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“Who do you say that I am?”

  “Who do you say that I am?” You are the constant Presence in my life. Ever since I became aware of the world around me, I knew and felt you were always beside me: guiding, leading, inspiring, and often … Continue reading

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Heeding the Call

To hear the word of God and do it, to be Christ’s disciple is not easy. It usually involves a total conversion, a metanoia, a complete turn-around of one’s life. It inspires, animates, vivifies anyone who dares to accept the … Continue reading

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Called and Sent

Mission is that for which I am sent. I am called and sent to teach and to heal. I am called and sent to love and to care. I am called and sent to give and to share. I am … Continue reading

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The Improbable Truth of Faith and Love

There are billions of galaxies in the universe and billions of stars in each of these galaxies. One can imagine trillions of planets revolving around these stars. It is almost a  statistical certainty that there are some life forms in … Continue reading

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To Be A Child, redux

As I age into my twilight years, I try to live in simplicity and surrender. And surprisingly, often serendipitously, I do learn many things. Some are lessons long forgotten, others totally new and exhilarating. Many of the new lessons I … Continue reading

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The Sacrament of the Present

In every moment is the seed of eternity. Yes, I am both a moment and an eternity. I have but the present moment to call my very own. It is in the now that everything happens. The past and the … Continue reading

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Tuesdays with Alran, Part 2

In the afterglow of our recent “Tuesdays with Alran” last Thursday, I have been mulling and ruminating over what he shared with us from his recent life experience. In the end, all that matters and all that gives meaning and … Continue reading

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