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God’s Self-Revelation

In the beginning, God said “Let there be light.” And there was life. Science has proven that bombarding inert matter with light over time will eventually cause life to spring forth. And once alive, all living organisms instinctively seek out the … Continue reading

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“I Do Not Know”

“I do not know.” During my younger years, I wasn’t wont uttering these words. I fancied myself having an answer to all the questions posed to me. I was not inclined to admitting ignorance or lack of knowledge about topics I was … Continue reading

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My Belief

It is easy to believe what already conforms to what I know or what I expect to be true. I believe in the goodness of my loved ones. But I guess that is more knowing than believing. I believe the … Continue reading

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The Jesus Prayer

“Jesus, son of David, have pity on me.” This is known as the Jesus prayer among our Orthodox brethren. It is prayed in three ways: As a “prayer of the heart” in silence in the hesychast method of prayer. As a continual mental … Continue reading

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More on Paradoxes and Contradictions

As I grow older, I am becoming more and more aware of the paradoxes and the many contradictions in life. These used to unsettle me during my younger years but now I realize true wisdom comes from being able to … Continue reading

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How Can I Make This For Three

In the original score of the musical Sound of Music, these beautiful lines were part of the song “You are sixteen going on seventeen”: A bell is no bell till you ring it A song is no song till you sing … Continue reading

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Three Levels of Being Good

Everyone wants to be good and do what is just. Deep in every person’s heart is the desire to attain eternal life, enlightenment, salvation, heaven, Nirvana. Yet, it also seems obvious that there are destructive and negative forces within each … Continue reading

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Under the Influence

Europe today is held up by many as the model of a successful humanist secular society, driven mainly by rationalistic science, pragmatic technology and market-oriented capitalism. The principles of socialism move much of the social discourse and inspire many of the … Continue reading

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There Is No Plan B

Whenever I reflect on the early days after Jesus ascended to heaven, I imagine halcyon days of love, service and commitment. I imagine all the apostles of sainted memory and the disciples who worked with them coming together every chance … Continue reading

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Words of Love

Stating a scientific principle, like Newtons’ Third Law of Motion “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, over and over again does not change its meaning. It does not add nor subtract anything to what is meant. … Continue reading

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