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Nature And The Gospels

Nature also teaches us spiritual truths if we just are open to her wisdom. We are hiking and we chance upon this cluster of berries among the trees, along the trail. And by just looking, I realize that life will … Continue reading

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Musings on MLKJr Day

Last Monday was MLK Day in the US. His message and work for freedom, justice and equality remain relevant to this day. The bias and prejudices he opposed are still around even today. Many of them are deeply embedded in … Continue reading

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This Is Probably What Prayer Is About

Yesterday, Anabelle and I again went on a hike at Pulgas Ridge in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was slightly overcast and a bit chilly. But that made for an invigorating and salutary hike. As we were walking, I was … Continue reading

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What It Means To Be A Christian Today

I seek to be good because of the challenge of Christ for me to be perfect. And yet when He came and proclaimed the good news; He sought out sinners, loose women and tax collectors (who even then were already … Continue reading

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What Are The Odds?

Since time immemorial, men have always looked up the skies in wonder and awe. Distant and vast space might be, men have looked to the stars, planets and the moon as having influence on their lives, even ascribing divine powers … Continue reading

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Caring For The Elderly

Alzheimer’s disease is a dreadful condition for those afflicted. Imagine slowly losing your memory and mental faculties day by day. Ulianin, is how we used to call them in Filipino. A distorted version of Benjamin Button, where as one ages … Continue reading

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Sleep And Be In God’s Presence

Today is the birthday of a mentor, a brother, and a friend. He has gone to sleep in eternity. I am sharing one poem he wrote:   There are nights when sleep does not come right away Go to bed, … Continue reading

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