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Following the Christ

Many people in the world today seek comfort and fulfilment in power, money, success and fame and many define their success in these terms. Christ, on the other hand, promised his disciples the fulness of life for eternity by going … Continue reading

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Faith: An Answer to Greed

I feel aghast at the naked selfishness and greed there is in the business world, as typified by Wall Street. A corporation makes billions of dollars in profits but it stocks would tank if the figure were but 1% below … Continue reading

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De Rerum Natura Redux

The nature of anything is the purpose for which it is made or created. The nature of the chair is to be sat upon to give rest or comfort to the ‘seater’. It becomes more complicated and difficult when we … Continue reading

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Alone With God In Nature

No matter how busy the days became, Jesus always found  the time and place to pray. His favorite time to pray is either deep into the night or early in the morning. His favorite place is in some quiet, secluded … Continue reading

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My Life’s Journey These Days

I used to look at life as a series of destinations: graduations, getting married, coming of the children, marking milestones in their lives, promotions, new jobs, higher responsibilities and then retirement. Today I look more at the journey that is … Continue reading

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Relationships Are The Real Riches

Who am I, really? As I think of the defining moments in my life, I realize that I can never fully define myself except in relationships with others. One person leaves my life and my life is never the same … Continue reading

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Wondering Why

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”   It never fails to amaze me how the whole of … Continue reading

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Sent Out Like Lambs

It is never easy being good. It takes effort and practice. It seems to be so much easier to just go with one’s natural tendencies rather than to exert the effort to be good. And being good often entails a … Continue reading

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Modern Prophets

In today’s fast-changing world, people are often concerned with appearances. Personality and practices are preferred over character and principles. As long as in the end, people get what they want. Leaders and so-called opinion makers are often looking for the … Continue reading

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Seeking God

There have been many times when I would be frantic looking for something I have lost or misplaced only to find it sitting right there before me. I seek Christ in wind and thunder only to encounter him in my … Continue reading

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