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Being a Saint

Life is one big mystery and a paradox difficult, if not well nigh impossible, to understand. It is a never ending dynamic tension between being and becoming. I long for ease and comfort, a stasis where I would rest easy … Continue reading

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Jonathan and Jane love to hug and be hugged. Often when giving hugs, Jonathan would say: “Hugs make you happy and healthy.” And sometimes, he would say to Jane “Jane, I need a hug. I want to feel happy.” Indeed, … Continue reading

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Will Only a Few Be Saved?

I was with some of my old classmates from the seminary last night. As usual, it was a fun and a happy occasion as we swapped life stories, experiences and insights. Even as we relished each others company, we agreed … Continue reading

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All It Takes Is a Tiny Spark

I have often dreamt of doing great things And making the big difference. In my time, I have done some great things And made some big difference. But in the grand scheme of things Whatever I have done, whatever I … Continue reading

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One of the valuable lessons I learned from Covey, and I learned a lot from him, is the concept and practice of proactivity. Man is driven both by passion and by reason. Often, I allow my passions and emotions drive … Continue reading

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Heaven Breaks Through in Thin Places

There are thin places on earth where the heaven and earth come very close together and the light and grace of God simply breaks through. My life has been blessed with so much more than my wildest dreams. I imagined … Continue reading

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Justice and Mercy

Justice is a universal human value. In any society, whenever harm is done, reparation is demanded. Whenever something that rightfully belongs to another is taken, restitution is required. And when someone is wrong, efforts are made to make it right. … Continue reading

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Signs And Wonders

Anabelle and I went spelunking with some friends up north where we spent the past four days. In recent months, we have been awed by fantastic rock formations in different places. In one cave in Ilagan, Isabel we actually saw … Continue reading

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Pray Without Ceasing

A scenic beach is always a sight to behold The rocks, the sand and the cliffs of gold Such a breath-taking place is easy to have Just let the endless rhythm of wave after wave. Stalactites and stalagmites are also … Continue reading

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Coming Full Circle

One evening while Anabelle was preparing dinner, she called out to Jane and said: “Come and help me prepare dinner, Jane. I will teach you how to cook.” Jane very spontaneously replied: “No, Lola, my husband will cook.” We, of … Continue reading

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