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Gift-giving at Christmas

Christmas is the time of gift-giving. This tradition and practice has made Christmas the magical season that it is. For many, Christmas has mainly been about the gifts. And many of the gifts are about reciprocity. But there is a … Continue reading

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The Improbability of Christmas

Improbable. Certain disaster. Reversal of expectations.These words keep running in my mind as I think about Christmas. A virgin, already betrothed but not yet wed, becomes pregnant. A righteous man, betrothed to a young maiden, finds out she is pregnant … Continue reading

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The Business of Christmas

Christmas is good for business. The malls are filled with shoppers, loaded with their purchases. UPS will deliver 120 million packages this week alone. Fedex expects to deliver 317 million packages for the entire holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year. … Continue reading

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Shedding Off the Last Leaf

Year 2015 started out as an ordinary one. But it ended up rather inauspiciously for me. It was chugging along just fine to a routine, ordinary ending when a minor calamity struck. i hd a bypass surgery. Looking back now, the procedure … Continue reading

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The Mess I Am In Is The Basis Of My Faith

I believe in God. But I have learned that God will not bail me out of my mess. Instead, He uses my mess to make me and my life better. The universe is a chaotic place, ever changing with stars … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts as The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens opens this weekend and is the talk of the town. I’m thinking . . . . Sheer probability alone would dictate that we are not alone in the universe. Our galaxy alone – the Milky Way – … Continue reading

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Choice And Changes

I can be self-absorbed in my pain and be miserable. Or, I can chose to still be a giving and generous person in my sufferings and see that pain is an essential ingredient of life. Some of y pain is … Continue reading

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Real Miracles

In my pain and suffering, I actually prayed for a miracle. I prayed that God take away the pain or at least make it bearable. But the pain stayed on. I prayed for strength to courageously bear my pain; but … Continue reading

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Authentic Generosity

I am not really a selfish person. When asked to give, I usually give rather freely of my time, talent and treasure. When there is something meaningful or an important task to be done, I am usually among the first … Continue reading

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Generosity And Pain

I became very selfish and self-preoccupied in my pain. I became fixated on my suffering and on my needs. I became very grasping and wanting things for myself, done my way and in my time. I wanted God to do … Continue reading

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