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Because I Am, I Can Choose

Some world-views would have me believe that I am the product of some random events. I believe that I am the fruit of God’s indiscriminate love, a love that is unconditional, inclusive and knows no bounds, a love that simply … Continue reading

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Thank You For Life!

September 11, 2001 was a day of death and destruction, filled with hatred and anger. The day after turned out to be a celebration of life. Yes, it was a day of grief and sorrow but also an unadulterated awareness … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Bad Things Make Us More Human

Evil is real and is alive in the world. The malice, hatred and anger behind 9/11 is so choking and overwhelming, one begins to wonder if there is a God who cares and who is supposed to have cloaked his … Continue reading

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Pain And Sufferings

Life is not easy. It is, in fact, difficult. Yet, people would want nothing more than to have a life of ease, comfort and pleasure. We work and struggle to eliminate all pain and suffering. That is a worthwhile and … Continue reading

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O Lord, Graciously Heal Us

At sunset, all who had people sick with various diseases brought them to him. He laid his hands on each of them and cured them. And demons also came out from many, shouting, “You are the Son of God.” But … Continue reading

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The God of Abundance

At this time and at my age, I should have learned my lesson already.  But I have not. The Lord is a joyful giver. He gives out of his bounty and abundance. And then, like a doting father, watches us … Continue reading

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Be Awake. Be Aware.

Age quod agis. (Do what you are doing.) This was the advice drilled into us by Fr. Basilio David during our formation years in the seminary. Not everyone can be a Ninoy Aquino or a Jesse Robredo but everyone can be … Continue reading

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