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To Be Is To Love

“I think therefore I am.” With one simple statement, Descartes has spawned a new school of Philosophy and the rationalistic and scientific culture we see dominant in the West today. It also explains the intense individualism (“I am.”) we see … Continue reading

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The Full Moon And The Fullness Of Time

This weekend saw the biggest super moon for 2017 and the beginning of Advent. This serendipitous convergence is kairos time. Life is unfolding and attaining it fullness in time. The other weekend, after Thanksgiving, was mostly chronos time. Thanksgiving, the … Continue reading

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Gratitude And Generosity

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude for all our blessings. So much to be thankful for. Generosity is the natural companion and complement to gratitude. Life is indeed a great blessing we should be thankful for. Unmerited, unexpected, unasked for. To … Continue reading

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I enjoy recalling memories of the past, both happy and sad, how these have brought color into my life and helped me become the person I that I am today. I still have my dreams and aspirations for the future … Continue reading

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Life. Paradoxically Beautiful. And Eternal

  Life is so precious and beautiful we would want to keep and preserve it forever. But life as we know it eventually dissipates or disappears or simply dies. The paradoxical truth about life is that it is meant to … Continue reading

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The Presence In My Life

There is in every human being an abiding sense of awe and wonder. We are always asking questions, specially why, and forever seeking answers. From my earliest recollections, I have been trying to find out what my life is supposed … Continue reading

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One More Gift ~ PEACE!

During my younger years, one of my favorite ‘little’ books was Dag Hammarskj√∂ld’s Markings. He died too soon and was in a plane crash on his way to the Congo to broker peace talks between rebels and their government. Almost … Continue reading

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