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Thinking of St. Joseph and Tatang

Today is the birthday of my father. It is strange that I have grown closer to him now in my old age. I often think about him and have felt myself be closer to him than ever. I have come … Continue reading

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We Love; Therefore, We Are.

“I think; therefore, I am.” Thus, Descartes has spawned the rationalistic and scientific culture we see dominant in the West today. It also explains the intense individualism (“I am.”) we see. A more realistic philosophy, I believe, is “I co-exist; … Continue reading

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Hope For The Flowers

‘Hope for the Flowers’ is one of the books that truly inspired me in my youth. It is an allegorical tale of two caterpillars and their hopes and longings, their search for meaning and their eventual magical transformation into beautiful … Continue reading

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Be Watchful. Be Ready.

  I can close my eyes and still see. I can shut off my ears and nose and still hear and smell. I can shut out the sights and the sounds and be alone; and in the silence and solitude … Continue reading

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What Are You Grateful For?

Business and politics, science and technology, entertainment and leisure – these are things that seem to be driving the world today. Much of the news is about these things; and events in these areas always hog the headlines. But life … Continue reading

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The Sacrament Of The Here And Now

I enjoy recalling memories of events from the past, both happy and sad, how these have brought color into my life, how these have helped me become the person I that I am today. But memories are in the past … Continue reading

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A Sacred and Holy Place

Today, I was at the Apung Mamacalulu (Merciful Lord or Lord of Mercy) in Angeles City. We were invited by the current Rector of the Shrine, Fr. Raffy dela Cruz, to experience the place like we have never done before. … Continue reading

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