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Fears and Betrayals

I have made many mistakes in my life. I have made many wrong choices, took many wrong turns, often said and did the wrong things. Many times, I have been too timid or too afraid or just too plain lazy … Continue reading

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Feastings and Get-togethers

It must be the Filipino in me that loves get-togethers, reunions, feasts and celebrations. It takes the smallest of excuses for Filipinos to get together, feast and celebrate. There are always birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate. Somebody leaves, and we … Continue reading

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Palm. Sunday. Spring.

It is early spring and the wild flowers are in bloom. It is also Palm Sunday with a sense of portending gloom. Palms. Raised and waved in adulation and admiration. Hailing a king who will drive away the oppressors. Shouting … Continue reading

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Life Is Like a Plane Ride

This morning, I would have liked to pray about the importance of the individual, about how one person can change the world. My impression is that American society is an individualistic society, putting a high premium on the individual and … Continue reading

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Signs Incontestable

Life is fleeting, just like the wind, Be it a gentle breeze or a forceful gale. It blows where it will but soon, it is gone and all is still. Life is ephemeral, like a tendril, Or even a flower … Continue reading

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A Lunatic, A Liar, or The Lord

“He is either a lunatic, a liar, or the Lord.” His teachings were hard to swallow for many of His contemporaries, specially for those in power and those from the privileged classes. Even those who followed Hm often found it … Continue reading

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The Hand that Guides

If an angel had appeared to me in a dream when I was young and had described to me my future as it actually had unfolded, I would have said, “No way! There is no way those things will ever … Continue reading

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Life is a Mystery

We live in a world filled with mystery. Since the beginning of time, man has been struck with awe and wonder gazing up the skies or simply standing before nature. The more we learn about the universe around us, the more … Continue reading

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Good in the Service of Evil?

Two women caught in adultery and people wanted them stoned to death – as required by the Law of Moses. Indeed, adultery is so destructive of loving relationships and of families, it should be dealt with severely. But, as often … Continue reading

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Wild Flowers on the First Day of Spring

First day of spring. Anabelle and I joined a guided hike through the hills in the Coyote Lake – Harvey Bear Ranch County Park. The hills were carpeted with the blooms of wild flowers. There is a mad explosion of colors, … Continue reading

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