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Life’s Rhythm and Rhymes

There are days full of sunshine and happiness, I’d pray for them to never end. They make me feel grateful for life And my troubles I am able to transcend. There are days so full of sorrow and sadness, I’d … Continue reading

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Straining Towards the Light

As my age advances, I feel a general and gradual fading of my senses. I have to strain my eyes to see better or to strain my ears to hear what is being said to me. I used to have … Continue reading

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Signs Everywhere

While we were in Mexico last week, Jane insisted that her Dad call us up to tell us something she said was important. And when we finally got to talk to her, she said : “There are two persons missing … Continue reading

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Praying for Nepal

Horrifying pictures and grim stories continue to flow out of Nepal, as the number of casualties continue to rise. There will be those who will ask, “if there is a God why does He allow such disasters and misery to … Continue reading

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Nature, Nepal and the Good Shepherd

Nothing can be more relaxing, peaceful and serene as a scene from nature: green trees blending with the blue skies, clean waters nourishing life all around, living things co-existing in perfect harmony – just like this rustic setting. And yet … Continue reading

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Filipinos just love food. We need only the smallest of excuses to get together and share food with friends, families, and in many instances even with complete strangers. When our kids were growing up, we lived in a condo complex … Continue reading

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“It is I. Do not be afraid.”

In a world of doubts and uncertainty, it is easy to be afraid, to be anxious about tomorrow and to worry about the many imponderables in life. Anything could go wrong any moments. Life could take a nasty turn for … Continue reading

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There are times I look at the world and I get worried about the incessant drive for more and more growth in business. I remember my own days in the corporate world, we used to plan for growth year after … Continue reading

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Nourishments For Life

One of the popular sayings today  is, “You are what you eat.” With my health issues, I have come to realize the truth in these words many times. I indulge in sweets and chocolates, I see my blood sugar and … Continue reading

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Particle Accelerators and Easter

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is back in the news as it was recently re-activated. It is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. Scientists shoot sub-atomic particles through at the speed of light and when these particle … Continue reading

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