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Pueblo Amante de Maria

This morning we joined the Spanish Community in our Parish in las mañanitas for our Lady of Guadalupe whose feast day it is today. And at the end of this week, the Filipino community will have their turn with the start … Continue reading

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The First Disciple

Mary was the first disciple. She is also the model of perfect discipleship. I have learned the three essentials of discipleship from her. When the angel Gabriel told Mary of God’s plan for her, she asked, “How can this be … Continue reading

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A Miracle

Today I witnessed a miracle. A good friend, Lambert, was ordained a deacon. And God willing, he will be ordained a priest in June next year. Nothing really miraculous there. Lambert was my contemporary in San Carlos Seminary. He was, … Continue reading

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A Happy And Blessed Thanksgiving Day

Life is the greatest gift of all. Unexpected. Undeserved. Unmerited. Given to us freely – in love, with love, for love. It is the wellspring of all the other gifts in our life. Today, I am specially thankful for the … Continue reading

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“Ten were cleansed, were they not? Where are the other nine?” Gratitude is a deeply spiritual virtue. In a culture of competitive individualism, I can easily lose sight of the others in my life. Gratitude is the awareness and appreciation … Continue reading

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My Father Is Here

Today is the death anniversary of Tatang. It is uncanny how the years has only made his presence in my life even stronger. I can feel my father alive in me and my own sons. His spirit. His moods. His … Continue reading

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To Be A Child. Again.

To be a child is to wake up every morning, ready to play in the sun To live the moment unencumbered by the pains of the past and not burdened by the fears of the future. And when the day … Continue reading

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