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My God Is a God of Paradoxes

“Use it or lose it.” is a Law of Nature. “Whatever is nurtured, grows.” is a corollary to that law. Nurture a seed and it grows into a tree and bears fruits. Nurture plants and they grow flowers. Nurture animals … Continue reading

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In the Hands of the Divine Sculptor

I recently came across this beautiful sculpture. It is amazing how such fluid transparency and soft delicate features can be drawn out from a material as hard as marble. What is even more amazing is the artistry of the sculptor … Continue reading

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Spritual Exercises

Use it or lose it. That is a physical law where I have found great enlightenment.Muscles atrophy when they are not used. Talents are forgotten over time when they are not utilized. Even money loses its value over time when … Continue reading

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How Can I Not Believe

A young maiden leaves the safety of her father’s protection And pledges herself to the young lad of her dreams The two become as one to cherish and to hold. They embark on a lifelong journey of love and trust. … Continue reading

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To Be Human Is To Ask Questions

Several days after the Resurrection and the apostles and disciples were still unbelieving and full of questions, made even more disquieting by their fears. To be human is to ask a lot of questions. Even believers are bothered by questions, … Continue reading

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Yet Again, It Is The Lord

I grew up in a small town beside the biggest American military base outside of the US, living in the shadows of jet planes, enjoying applesand imported fruits, chocolate bars and comic books from Clark Air Base. I sometimes fancied … Continue reading

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Real or Imagined Conversation?

As I was praying this morning and reflecting on today’s gospel reading, I found myself having this conversation with God: I said: “Lord, it is wonderful to be here, to be alive. I am grateful you give me one day … Continue reading

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