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Life, Sex and Pleasure

The richness and meaning of life cannot be found in unalloyed joy nor even in unending pleasure. Rather it is in the endless cycle of joys and tears and the ever-upward spiraling of bad things into good and of good … Continue reading

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I Believe In Angels

One of the most comforting thoughts from my childhood is that of my Guardian Angel. As a child, I was able to overcome my fear of the dark and of the uncertain by relying on my Guardian Angel to protect … Continue reading

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Words are all I have to describe the beauty and goodness around me. Whether I am happy or sad, I have words to comfort and console me. I reach out to others and words truly come in handy. I let … Continue reading

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Miscues and Missed Cues

Life has not always given me instructions in the words I understand or expect. In other words, there have been a lot of miscues and missed meanings in my life. There were instances others have invited me into an intimate … Continue reading

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Where I Truly Want To Be

I have always been aware of God’s presence in my life. I believe my life is a gratuitous gift from Him, undeserved, unmerited, unconditionally given. I love the episode where He became man in Jesus Christ and lived among us. … Continue reading

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When Will We Ever Learn?

Today, I pray for all the victims of war and violence in the world. What is happening in Syria and Iraq may seem a world away from where I am. But anything that happens in our global village affects me. … Continue reading

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Travel Light

Travel light. It is a lesson I took time in learning. I used to lug heavy suitcases in my early travels. Packing things I might need just in case. Often to find out I don’t need them at all, Or … Continue reading

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My Brothers and My Sisters.

If people would only see others as their brothers or sisters, there would be less prejudice and hatred in this world. Wars will cease and violence against others will stop. If we would only see every woman as our mother … Continue reading

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Proclaiming the Good News

In this time and age of political correctness, people pay attention to what others do or say and are critical when they offend the sensibilities of others. This is well and good when political correctness comes from a deep respect … Continue reading

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We Will Always Remember

  There we were, eight young men waiting around for somebody to hire us. A learned man came along and said, “Come, I know Someone who has need of your services.” And we followed him with enthusiasm. We worked during … Continue reading

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