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In Due Time

The splendor that was Egypt and Persia – buried. The glory that was Rome and Greece – gone. The magnificence that was the Aztecs and the Incas – in ruins. Yet the world, our world, endures. With even more lavish … Continue reading

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The Super Blueblood Moon.

Early this morning, many were agog over the once in a lifetime event of the super blue blood moon. Since time immemorial, men have looked up in the skies and have always been intrigues by two questions: Where did we … Continue reading

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This Is Probably What Prayer Is About

Yesterday, Anabelle and I again went on a hike at Pulgas Ridge in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was slightly overcast and a bit chilly. But that made for an invigorating and salutary hike. As we were walking, I was … Continue reading

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The Full Moon And The Fullness Of Time

This weekend saw the biggest super moon for 2017 and the beginning of Advent. This serendipitous convergence is kairos time. Life is unfolding and attaining it fullness in time. The other weekend, after Thanksgiving, was mostly chronos time. Thanksgiving, the … Continue reading

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Chance Events Are Actually God’s Grace

Some world views would have me believe that I am the product of some random events, that the Big Bang was a freak accident, one in a million possibility becoming real, that out of that fortuitous event all the galaxies … Continue reading

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Comfort Zones

It is so easy for one to become smug and withdraw into one’s comfort zone. One creates his comfort zone by going after what one believes to be “success”. In today’s materialistic world, success is often defined by what we … Continue reading

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Awe, Wonders and Questions

I am always awed by the beauty and grandeur of the universe. Like, I am amazed that there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand in all the world’s deserts and beaches. And what is … Continue reading

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