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The Presence We Call The Spirit

  I am more than the sum of my parts. In my deepest being, I am no different from everything else that exist. Yet, when I look into my deepest being, I know that I am different from everything else … Continue reading

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Creation Proclaims The Glory Of God

I have often realized that there is no compelling reason why I should be here. There is no irreducible mathematical formula the answer to which is my particular existence. In the face of such simple fact, science tells me I … Continue reading

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Serendipity and Free Will

Under an electron microscope, there is no difference between my body and the table I am working on. Both are made up of sub-atomic particles. These sub-atomic electrons can be thought of as being a wave of energy and particle … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2018, II

We see what we seek We find what’s in our mind. We search and then discover we had it all the while. The earth and nature bequeaths their tresures to those who would stop and listen in the silence. Just … Continue reading

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The Olber’s Paradox

Today is Earth Day. I feel a deep spirituality whenever I look at Nature. This quotation from¬†Gerald Manley Hopkins always tend to remind me of this feeling that God is in Nature:¬† “The world is charged with the grandeur of … Continue reading

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An Easter Walk

Anabelle and I love to walk and we often go on hikes. I love to feel the earth beneath my feet and relish her freshness sweet. I love being surrounded by nature’s trees rather than the city’s streets. I’d sooner … Continue reading

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Some Truths Are Immeasurable

The scientific method puts a premium on predictability, repeatability and the central tendency in its statistical analysis. One essential tool of the scientific method is measurement. Even among managers, it is axiomatic to say that what cannot be measured cannot … Continue reading

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