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Communing With Nature Is A Prayer

I love doing nature hikes with Anabelle. And we do miss hiking and out hiking buddies in Northern California. It is always a refreshing experiencing walking through the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Nothing is more exhilarating than … Continue reading

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Seeking God

There have been many times when I would be frantic looking for something I have lost or misplaced only to find it sitting right there before me. I seek Christ in wind and thunder only to encounter him in my … Continue reading

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From Emptiness to New Life

I often come to prayer with all the ‘treasures and possessions’ from my past, present and future ~ my dreams and memories, my ideas, and understanding of what is good and what is good for me, what I want my … Continue reading

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To Feel Is To Believe

My God speaks to me in the silence and in whispers ~ through the gentle breeze, the caressing wind, the gurgling sounds of a newborn. He leaves me love notes and reminders all over the place ~ in the fragile … Continue reading

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It takes at least two persons to have a conversation. And it takes both the speaking and the listening to carry it on. Often, the listening part of a conversation is overlooked; yet it is even more important than the … Continue reading

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All The Earth Proclaim The Lord

Today is the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. There is a tendency today of reinterpreting the words of the Gospel into more acceptable and palatable manner. Nothing typifies this mentality more than those who preach and live by the … Continue reading

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Taking Up The Cross, Part 2

In all my human relationships, I have always kept a bit of myself just for myself. I have never given myself totally, keeping my innermost being just for myself. But Christ demands total surrender of self from his disciples. There … Continue reading

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