Sent Out Like Lambs


It is never easy being good.
It takes effort and practice.
It seems to be so much easier to just go with one’s natural tendencies
rather than to exert the effort to be good.
And being good often entails a lot of danger.
When one tries to be good and kind,
there will always be the danger that people will take advantage of one’s kindness.
When one tries to be forgiving and merciful,
there is the risk that this would be seen as a sign of weakness
and one ends up being a loser.
But does one really become a loser that way?

The way of the cross seems to be the way of a loser, doesn’t it?
It smacks of failure, defeat, ignominy, shame.
But the story does not end there.
It was the lamb, not the wolf, that rose from the dead.
I would rather be a lamb than a wolf.

All the wars, conflicts and struggles that the world is experiencing
are but the reflections of the very same things happening within ourselves.
Christ came preaching his commandment of love
so that we can experience the peace we sorely long for.

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