Faith: An Answer to Greed


I feel aghast at the naked selfishness and greed
there is in the business world, as typified by Wall Street.
A corporation makes billions of dollars in profits but it stocks would tank
if the figure were but 1% below the expectations of analysts.
Should there be the slightest sign of uncertainty, doubt or fear in the market,
there would be a flurry of sell-outs and stock prices would head south.
A CEO of a pharma company makes close to a hundred million dollars in salary.
What will he do with all that money?
How can one justify such an obscene amount of compensation for just one person?
And all these movements affect the perceived wealth and well-being of millions of people.

In contrast, as a believer in Christ, I live with mystery.
I see the world in a tiny seed and seek to change what I can like yeast.
It would seem like a foolish faith;
but there are times I realize it is the right thing to do
in the face of the absurdity and even aridity I see in this world.

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