Following the Christ


Many people in the world today seek comfort and fulfilment
in power, money, success and fame
and many define their success in these terms.

Christ, on the other hand, promised his disciples the fulness of life for eternity
by going through the narrow door, the eye of the needle, taking up the cross.

What a stark contrast.
Yet it is the latter group that have done a lot more to help the poor,
to give relief to the suffering,
to teach the ignorant,
to comfort the sick and afflicted.

Some of the former might have turned to philanthropy later in their lives;
but they have spent most of their lives lusting for more power, money, success and fame. The choice for me is clear but living that choice is not easy.

One of the hallmarks of a Christ follower is generosity.
Generosity, while always good, may sometimes be prideful and self-centered,
wishing attention to oneself or wanting to enjoy some selfish satisfaction at doing good. Some signs of true generosity:
doing it anonymously,
giving to those who cannot repay (the least, the lost and the last),
sharing time, talents and treasure,
and giving even though, or specially when, it hurts.

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2 Responses to Following the Christ

  1. bwcarey says:

    the more that give the easier the harvest.

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