My Continuing Journey


Seven decades and a lot has changed in my life. I have met a lot of wonderful people. And some heels. I have been to many exciting places, now stored in my photo collections. I have experienced amazing moment now kept and cherished in my memories.

And yet, it seems nothing has changed in my life after all these years. It feels like I have been fighting the same devils all the time. My life is not just one journey, but in fact several. Each journey is a quest, each quest a mission, each mission leading to a prized realization.

Alongside my yearning for completion and fulfilment is an on-going struggle between the noble and the ignoble in me: whether I will choose to do good or wallow in mediocrity, to move forward or stagnate where I am. It is the cosmic battle between good and evil. As I go through each journey, which are really phases in my life, there are nuanced changes in what brings me completion and fulfilment as well as who the devils and demons that I face and fight.

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