Easter Ennui?


Of late, some many things seem to be going wrong in so many places and among so many people, including myself. There is a feeling of lingering malaise in me but I am not really sad. With things going wrong, there is so much uncertainty and it seems like things can come ahead any time now and just blow up. I am worried but not really afraid. I try to see the brighter side of things but nothing seems to work. I am frustrated that something could and must be done but aren’t. But I am not really angry.

I was living just for the moment, living from one disappointment and frustration to the next one. Spiritual writers have always advised to live in the NOW. I do; but that is all I am holding to. No past to infuse meaning to my present. No future to to spur me to courageous and inspired action. I am here, unfeeling and uncaring what will happen next. Fr. Johnny Go captured what I was going through in his Easter reflections: I was losing hope.

Easter is a timely reminder that we are an Easter People, living in hope and secure in the belief that we have been saved. This faith is not about feeling good and feeling high. It is about choosing to listen to the Risen Lord. And his resurrection is out guarantee.

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