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The Wisdom in Children

Summer has been daily playtime for Jonathan and Jane with their friends Max and Allie. And watching them at play has been a delight and filled with lessons of wisdom for me. Max and Allie were gone with their parents … Continue reading

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Celebrating Life on the 65th

I have noticed how I hate others for the very things I hate most in myself. Often, I would see the evil or wrongdoings in others but remain blind to my own. I would sometimes allow the anger and bitterness … Continue reading

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Hearts and Treasures

Everyday, billions of dollars are gained or lost in the stock exchanges of the world. A rumor can send the stocks of Apple into a tailspin dive, making its stockholders poorer in billions of paper losses. And yet, nothing significant … Continue reading

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Of Children and Life as a Circle

As I face the end of my days with trepidation and uncertainty, I am also experiencing deep joy and happiness being part of the early days of Jane and Jonathan. Anabelle and I had superabundant fun raising our three boys. … Continue reading

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Awesome Signs in an Otherwise Ordinary Life

We went on a leisurely hike at Point Isabel in Richmond yesterday afternoon, just before the sun set. I was once again touched by the ephemeral beauty of the sunset. Every sunset, fleeting and radiant, is the promise of yet … Continue reading

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The God of Surprises and the Unexpected

Anabelle and I shall be completing six years of stay in the US within the coming months. All those years, I have been not been productive. I have not had a job. I have not been creating wealth. I have … Continue reading

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We Are Family

Yesterday was a family day for us. Martin and family with Mickey arrived from abroad to attend Macky’s wedding this weekend. I was excited to pick them up from the airport and trully thrilled when I finally saw them after … Continue reading

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