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A Joyful Sad Christmas

Anabelle and I spent many joyous Christmases in this house. Christmas is a time for joy for many people. Gift-giving, often lavish and extravagant, helps to make the season bright. Yet, the first Christmas was very simple and literally poor. … Continue reading

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The New Day Dawns

It’s Christmas Eve and tomorrow the new day dawns. For the first time in my life, I am missing all the joy and excitement I have always associated with Christmas. I can still see all the hustle and bustle of … Continue reading

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A Special Child

  At Christmas, the child born in the manger is special. Thus, Christmas is a special time for children. During Christmas, children are the focus and center of our special attention. This Christmas, I think of special children. Or children … Continue reading

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Hail, Mary!

  Our usual image of Mary is that of a calm and collected lady. But I would imagine her otherwise during those days surrounding the birth of Jesus. Here was a young maiden betrothed to a man who was probably … Continue reading

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What Child Is This?

The Infancy narratives are among the most beautiful and moving of the stories in the Gospels. One can actually feel the peace, joy and love while reading them. These stories serve as the reason for the joy and happiness we … Continue reading

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When It Is a Cold and Gray December

When it is a gray and cold December post-Christmas day, it is good to go snorkeling. There has a storm brewing the past few days and the cold and gray weather it brought matched the feelings in our souls. For … Continue reading

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Evil in the World

There is evil in the world. One only needs to look around to realize this. War is evil. Violence is evil. Widespread poverty is evil. Oppression is evil. Evil is real and there are many would minimize it. They would … Continue reading

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