Sensing the Unknowable

Isn’t it a thrilling thought that I am made in the image and likeness of God?
Even more thrilling is the fact that I am unique
and that there will never be another one quite like me.
Every human is but a spark of the Divine Infinite.
Imagine how many of us mortals, including species we do not know about,
would be needed to fully express the greatness and goodness of God the Infinite.
That is why I have God-moments and my life is filled with God-stories.
There are times and places where I am more acutely aware of this Divine Presence.
I need to pause, to be silent and in solitude
to resonate with this divine who not only created me
but is also drawing me ever closer to him.
He who made me out of stardust is bringing me back to the stars where I came from.
He who created me in his image and likeness is drawing me towards unity with his trinity of love.
Yes, deep within me, I know He is.

Knowing and sensing God does not mean I fully know or even understand Him.
But to be alive and knowing I am a spark of my Creator is enough for me.
But finite mind can never fully comprehend the Infinite.
The source of my knowing is himself the Unknowable.
But to be alive and to be conscious of this fact,
to realize that I can think and have choices,
to be aware that I can change because of my choices,
to discern that some choices are better than others,
to decide to be more like my Source and Creator
even as I am also aware that I can never rise up to his Being
that is enough for me
to be filled with a deep joy and forever gratitude
to strive for that goodness, beauty, love and nobility
I know must be part of God’s being.
Through his being, I am becoming.

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